A bit about me

Hi, I’m Lisa (but you can call me Lis). I’m a financial marketer by day; a camera-toting, graphic-designing, antique-collecting, globe-trotting foodie looking to document all the details, curiosities and discoveries of my domestic and international journeys by night.


Born and raised in New York City, I moved to Hong Kong six years ago for an amazing life/job opportunity. Living in HK, one of the most efficient travel hubs in the world, has allowed me to live out my dreams as a more-than-occasional, less-than-perpetual nomad.

With each step along this journey, I’ve tried to embrace and reflect on every moment — the good, the bad and the ugly. I’ve come to appreciate the unnoticed and unappreciated details of my voyages, both physical and metaphysical. I am excited by this unknown course of my choices and decisions that have and will continue to make me, me.


Wander and Lust is the home for the moments and reflections in time, and in myself, that I find awe-inspiring. I hope you find something moving in them too.

I traveled halfway across the earth to discover myself and found that the biggest steps I had to take were the ones within.

Growing up in a humble household didn’t allow for jetsetting trips, worldly experiences or culinary journeys. One year while all my friends were away at the annual high school week-long ski trip, I desperately picked up web coding to distract myself. With a phone dial-up cable line (whatever did we do in those days??) and a basics in HTML guide, I set out to create my own personal space that allowed me to get away to my web paradise whenever I wanted. Over the next decade, my sites slowly evolved from a random collection of moving Sailor Moon .gifs to (dare I say, mature?) layouts featuring writings, photos and other random musings. After a five-year hiatus, I’ve decided that there’s no better time than now to do all that you want. So here we go!

My dad was an avid photographer who slowly gave up his full-time passion for a more stable job. But throughout my childhood (and still today), he was never without his Nikon SLR. Always snapping away at landscapes, street scenes, faces, personal emotions and everything in between, I learned to appreciate the beauty in a split second of life and to envision the stories behind the shadows, light, expressions. In high school, my aunt gave me one of her old SLR cameras to play with and I started documenting my own collection of stills. Today, although still a novice, it is one of my greatest passions. All photos on wanderandlust.com were taken by me (except the ones of me; those were taken by innocent bystanders or patient friends.) Please send me a note if you’d like to own one (or a few!) for your collection.

A sketch from her travels to Afghanistan, 1968

A sketch from her travels to Afghanistan, 1968

My aunt Judy C Wenderoth was a true artist in everything she did, whether it was as an architect, photographer, designer, poet, mother, friend. I spent a brief but impactful summer with her and at the end I left with my first SLR Nikon and survival tips in hand. The first tip was, “Define your own success, pave your own road to happiness and never lose hope.” I can only dream of capturing the soul that she did in her stills so effortlessly. Some of her work can be found here: Red Sparrow.