Photo Journal: Balinese Volcanos, Rice Paddies and Waterfalls

I sometimes forget just how lucky I am to live in Hong Kong — one of the most efficient travel hubs in the world and just a hop, skip, jump away from so many countries in Asia. Aside from the places I have to frequent regularly for my job, I try not to go back to the same city more than once or twice. There are just too many places left in the world to explore!


The exceptions to that rule are, at least in Asia, Tokyo and Bali. I have waxed poetic on Tokyo and Japan in many many many posts so by now you must be familiar with my borderline unhealthy obsession. And well, Bali is just magical.


Bali was my first destination after moving to Hong Kong and planting my little life flag, deeming Asia my new home. The balmy, beachy air and lulling waves of its glistening shores have always given me the peace I sought. The lush green terrain and untouched mountainside have always provided me an escape from civilization. And Bali’s colorful local culture emphasizing laughter and happiness has always filled my soul with the lightness and delight of a child. It is where I have found solace, time and time again and a magical place that will always have my heart.



Bisma Eight
Jalan Bisma No. 68
Ubud, Kec. Gianyar
Bali, Indonesia


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