Photo Shoot: SPDR ETFs Origami Advertising Campaign

I’m so excited about our latest APAC SPDR® ETF advertising campaign that I just had to share it with you!


This year’s branding campaign articulates the SPDR “Precise in a world that isn’t.℠” brand platform through the use of, yup you guessed it, origami!


ORU 折り: folding
KAMI 紙: paper


The challenge was finding an interesting (interesting, being the operative word) way to communicate the various value propositions that the brand stands for; and then doing it in a way that resonates across the Asian marketplace.


After a few rounds of concepting and creative-juice-jiving, the precision campaign came to life on paper — literally. Representing different qualities, each animal carries a different message about our brand. The hawk represents keen foresight; and the horse, pioneering innovation. But it isn’t the symbolism of the animals that reveals the real message of SPDR ETFs; it is the intricate folds of the paper. Taking an average of 10 hours to construct each of these beautiful creatures Kade Chan, an award-winning origami artist, has truly brought precision to life.


Here are some behind-the-scenes shots of our upcoming Asia Pacific SPDR ETF campaign:


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