Brand Collaboration: Fresh Perspectives with Timothy Oulton

This month was all about preparing for the in-laws biannual trek from the UK to Hong Kong. And while that meant prepping our master bedroom, reading up on easy (but uber complicated looking) meals to make and teeing up an itinerary full of exciting activities around town, it also meant rearranging the common areas so there would be enough room for 4 adults and 2 cats to comfortably lounge around. (In HK’s humble apartments, that’s no small feat).


After salvaging our old couch out from the warehouse, we repositioned the lovely Timothy Oulton’s Chesterfield Sofa to be the centerpiece of the apartment, the first sight guests see when they walk through the door. With its classic and timeless silhouette (and its British roots) the in-laws felt right at home as they strolled into our apartment after a 12 hour flight. They sank right in and nodded off.


Mission accomplished on the decor, now onto the cooking and other daughter in-law duties!



Timothy Oulton Hong Kong
17 Gough Street, Central
Hong Kong


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