Photo Journal: Tasty Delights of Turkey

After wrapping up a season of The Walking Dead with all its brain-dead mumbling, skin-decaying, flesh-eating gore, I was inspired to share some memorable and tasty eats of my own.


Like an instinctual zombie taking to human flesh, it’s easy to see why Turkish fare is so ubiquitously appreciated across all cultures (of the living human kind). Featuring a variety of spices from the East, halal meats from the Middle East and culinary styles from all over Europe and North Africa, Turkish food is as diverse as its history.


It is hard to choose just one memorable dish to share but if I had to in order to entice a zombie away from my own flesh, I would say that it was Kaymakçı Pando at Beşiktaş market. (See photos 8 and 9 above or click here.) This family-run breakfast bar, which opened its doors in 1895, is known for its kaymak (or clotted cream). Made by skimming simmered buffalo milk, which results in a very rich thick cream, kaymak is served with honey and enjoyed with sliced white bread and black tea.


Our experience at Kaymakçı Pando in Istanbul started with meeting 88 year old Pando himself, whose family made kaymak for the royal house of the Ottoman Empire. With shaky but careful hands, this local legend took our order, laid out our spread and mimed the local ritual of enjoying this meal. With eager bellies, we added village eggs with orange yolks served sunny side up and a standard plate of cheese, olives, sliced cucumber and tomato.


Though very simple, the textures and flavors complemented one another delightfully. It was a meal that I will mindlessly crave and clumsily grab at even after a transformation into witless zombi-ism.


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IMG_0781IMG_0882IMG_0898IMG_0899IMG_0909IMG_1983IMG_2972Kaymakçı Pando

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  • Drewbicus

    Feeling a bit like a zombie this morning and wishing I could be transported to Pando’s for some breakfast!

    Oh and thanks for making your blog work on my mobile device. You are truly a lady with many talents!

    12 February 2013 at 10:08 PM
  • Theo Lesieg

    I’m sure the zombies of The Walking Dead could only dream of having such an array of decadent and nourishing foods, flavours, and spices. It looks like you guys did a great job exploring the inner workings of the local food eateries. Hope you were able to pick up some new techniques and culinary ideas for your own cooking!

    12 February 2013 at 12:29 PM